Wednesday, April 28, 2004

It's always fun trying to figure out new ways to bleed a turnip.

I haven't even been on the job for a week and I'm already thinking of ways to spend money. Money the county doesn't have, and that the state is not about to cough up anytime soon.

The upholstery on the library chairs is so bad I wouldn't donate them to a homeless shelter. Yes, they are that embarrassing. I'm hoping the Friend's of the Library will hook us up, but even then we'll probably have to rely on volunteers to do the actual reupholstering once the fabric is bought.

As far as reading I'm currently working on a romance anthology called Wildest Dreams. Author Lori Foster held a contest and plucked these three authors (Janice Maynard, Morgan Leigh, and LuAnn McLane) out of the bunch and viola! They had their stories published in this anthology thanks to Kensington Brava.

My lunch break was interrupted today (thanks to the chair issue) so I've only managed to finish the Maynard story "Suite Secrets." Ummm, it was OK. The sex was pretty good, but the characters were totally schizo. One minute the heroine is sweetly innocent, the next she's a temptress. One minute the hero's a Neanderthal jerk, the next he's professing his undying love and proposing marriage.

Call me a cynic, but it was too much of a stretch.

But since I tend to find anthologies wildly uneven in most cases I'm holding out hope for the Leigh and McLane contributions.

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