Tuesday, September 30, 2003

A whole week and no bloggings. Shameful of me, no?

First, God Bless Minnesota for blowing out the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Because of this - Fox Sports opted to give the viewer a more competitive game - the Buffalo Bills vs. the Philadelphis Eagles. Unfortunately, the Bills lost, and just about gave me a heart attack doing it. It's probably a good thing I live in the Black and Blue Division, because if I had to watch the Bills' whole season, I'd probably be in intensive care by the time the playoffs roll around.

One major quibble in all this though is that Fox opted to switch over to the crappy Detroit Lions game in the last 2 minutes of the Bills game. I was mighty pissed at the time, but then I did miss that final Eagles touchdown - which was probably a good thing for my heart.

I'm also finally done with the dreadful Shadow Game by Christine Feehan. I know I blogged earlier that the book was good and the hero was yummy. Well I'm afraid the whole thing went downhill fast after my initial impression. It took me all weekend, of basically no reading (30 pages of a new book is "not reading" in my opinion), to recover from the experience.

The good news is that I'm reading the latest offering from Rebecca Hagan Lee right now - and it's a vast improvement. I've found the pacing a little slow in the first 100 pages, but Lee has such an engaging style that I'm easily turning the pages. I hope to finish Barely A Bride later this week.

And on a final note: if you ever come across Gossamer by Ms. Lee in a used bookstore snap it up. It's one of my sentimental favorites.

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