Saturday, September 6, 2003

OK - so I was wrong and the NY Jets lost on Thursday night. Hey - nobody's perfect.

However I have something to be positively gleeful about. SoapNet is bringing back Dallas! Yes, my favorite trashy soap opera from the 1980s is coming back in reruns. I knew there was a reason that I paid entirely too much money for digital cable.

I'm reading a really different book at the moment. Between Friends by Debbie Macomber follows the lives of 2 best friends from 1948 to 2002. The entire book is told via journal entries, letters, postcards, e-mails etc. without a stitch of dialogue. It's literally a snap-shot of the baby boomer generation - and a real pageturner. Macomber tosses in everything from unwed pregnancy, philandering husbands, the JFK assassination, the Vietnam conflict and 9/11. It's the kind of book I'm half tempted to force my mother to read.

Notre Dame opens their football season today - which means I lose my boyfriend to the TV. Saturdays of Notre Dame football usually find Wendy sulking off to a secluded corner somewhere to read - or hightailing it to the bookstore. So really, I shouldn't complain.

In the meantime - cross your fingers that I get to actually watch the Bills/Patriots game on Sunday. Although living in a region dominated by the Black&Blue division - I'll probably be stuck watching the crappy Lions game.

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