Saturday, August 2, 2003

Another Saturday working at the library. This weekend is a little different from the norm, since our annual book sale is well into full swing. Lots of people currently milling around, shuffling through boxes and bags filled to the brim.

I'm currently working on Harry Potter #5 on audio. Ugh. I'm not sure if this is a criticism or not - but Rowling has written Harry like a normal, surly 15-year-old boy. Frankly, I'm ready to bitch-slap the kid. He does have reasons for being surly - but the fact that he's being surly to everyone, his friends included, makes me less than sympathetic. I still have 12 tapes to go - so I'm hoping he simmers down some.

I'm also finally down to the last 100 pages of Thunder Creek by Jill Gregory. I'm having a mixed reaction to it at the moment. Gregory has a lovely writing style, her characters are nicely fleshed out, and she's sort of come up with a romantic suspense/contemporary romance/women's fiction hybrid with this book. Unfortunately, the romance isn't quite working for me.

I think it's because for many, many pages the heroine turns into a bitch every time the hero comes around. See, she blames him for her beloved brother's death 14 years earlier. Thing is, her brother's death was so blatantly made to look like an accident (hence the romantic suspense comment above) and the hero was so minimally involved - well I'm thinking now that she's 28 she should just "get over it" already.

But maybe I'm being too cold-hearted. I reserve final judgment until I see where this suspense thread is going. It's looking pretty obivious right now, but I've been fooled before, by less talented writers I might add.

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