Monday, July 14, 2003

So I did finish up Wilde Thing over the weekend and have to say that after my initial blogging I wanted to eat my words. After I got past that problematic set-up I discovered that Denison was writing a rather fun - and hot! - story. Frankly, I found myself compulsively reading.

Then I got to the ending.

Spoliers abound - so consider yourself warned.

Our bad boy hero - the same bad boy hero who tells the heroine he's only interested in an affair - the same bad boy hero who tells the reader he's not interested in getting married again (he's divorced) - proposed to the heroine at the end of the book.

I know - a man can change his mind right? Wrong. The story took place in one week's time. The couple had only been together for one week! One week of getting to know each other in and out of the bedroom. Color me cynical - but I just couldn't buy it.

Still - Denison really can write steam, and I liked her characters. She also introduces the reader to the bad boy hero's cousin - a woman with a bad boy attitude. I'm practically salivating already.

All in all, a decidedly mixed bag.

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