Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Well by now we all know that Sammy Sosa is a moron. A corked bat - just lovely. Makes one wonder how legit all those homeruns are.

And I'm sorry - I'm not buying the excuse that Sosa uses the corked bat during batting practice in order to give the fans a giddy thrill. True fans don't get a rat's behind about homeruns. Note to MLB - fans like to see baseball games with decent pitching and baseball-like scores - not games with 3 grand slams and final scores of 35-27.

When it comes to baseball, I personally prefer to watch the defensive play. Nothing is more watchable than a short stop snagging a line drive mid-leap, a center fieldman making a sliding grab, or a pitcher somehow catching a ball that was hit right back at him. That's the kind of stuff that makes watching highlight reels worthwhile.

Then again - what do I know?

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