Thursday, May 8, 2003

Back from the frozen Upper Penisula and glad to be home. In true idiot fashion, yours truly forgot to pack her winter coat (ok - I didn't forget. I just haven't washed it yet, and it's white - so it's really dirty and doesn't look so good) - but I made due with my spring jacket, long sleeve shirts and sweatshirt. Naturally, Mackinac Island warmed on Wednesday - the day all the librarians left!

This conference I attended is always a good time because it's just for librarians serving rural communities. A lot of practical information that one can implement in their day-to-day routines. While the state and national conferences are nice, a lot of what is discussed is technology oriented and "theory." As in, this computer software will be available in a couple of years.

I also like workshops that address the bulk of my job description. I am the back-up computer person where I work - which means most of day is spent on "little" things like collection development. I like attending workshops that actually talk about fiction.

Picked up some world famous Mackinac Island fudge for some folks, got a Mother's Day present for my lovely mother, and picked up a new tea mug over at Monkey Business - a store one must see to believe.

Monkey girls of the world unite! (Inside joke {g})

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