Saturday, April 5, 2003

It's the first Saturday of the month, so that means Wendy is working today. On the quiet side today since it's colder than a....well you get the idea. We also had some snow flying earlier. Ah, springtime in the Midwest.

My book mood has been quite unpredictable lately. I think I want a western romance - I end up reading a Harlequin. I think I want a Harlequin and end up heading over to Regency England. It's been frustrating to say the least to plan out my reading.

Adding to this is the fact I've gone on quite a book buying bender lately. All these new goodies I'm buying look so darn enticing that I'm likely to scarf them up right away - while books that I've had for over a year will likely languish in my TBR (that's too-be-read) pile for a little while longer.

I'm currently reading Beneath the Raven's Moon by Emily LaForge - a contemporary romantic suspense that is a "throw back." A throw back to what? All those wonderful gothics that flooded the bookstores in the 1970/1980s. BTRM has everything from a creepy dead relative, a woman with a mysterious past, a hunky movie star, and a gothic castle. What's not to love?

Our fair heroine, Catherine Carmichael, is an independently wealthy musician living in London when she gets word that her Uncle Malcolm has died. Against her mother's wishes - Catherine decides to head to upstate New York and the family estate, Ravenswood, for the reading of her uncle's will. Catherine has suffered from terrible panic attacks ever since her mother spirited her away from Ravenswood when she was 5. She hopes going "home" will provide some answers.

What she finds upon her arrival though are a pack of surly houseguests, a band of motley servants, and a movie star whose connection to this whole affair is a complete mystery. Needless to say our girl is going to have a lot on her plate.

I'm about 100 pages in and enjoying it immensely. It reminds me of those mysterious gothic novels I had a weakness for in my teens -and the first person narrative gives BTRM an interesting spin. Stay tuned - if you dare....

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