Thursday, April 17, 2003

I don't know who those guys were in Red Wings uniforms - but they certainly weren't my team. Sigh - no Stanley Cup repeat for us this year. I'm still slightly depressed over the whole thing.

So for now it looks like I'll be switching gears and going with Toronto - mainly because of Alexander Mogilny. I still have not forgiven the Buffalo Sabres for trading Mogilny away to the Canucks. What can I say - I'm the Queen of Irrational Grudges.

In other news I did finish up Obsession by Penelope Neri and while I thought for sure I had this one pegged before the ending - I was wrong. OK, not completely wrong - I did have part of it figured out. As a romance novel I'm afraid the book didn't quite move me, but for gothic atmosphere and a bit of mystery I was mildly entertained. If Neri sticks with the gothics, I wouldn't be opposed to giving her future work a look.

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